Who is SSL Monitor for?

Anyone with a website! Most browsers will show scary warnings now if you don't have SSL setup correctly, so it's important that you've got this right. Many sites use Let's Encrypt to provide their SSL certificate which is a great option but is even more prone to breakage due to their shorter certificate renewal times. If your site is showing a security error when a user tries to visit, how will you even know? This is where SSL Monitor comes in.

How does SSL Monitor work?

First we do a few basic sanity checks that your monitored domain is reachable and that we can retrieve the certificate, then we check the certificate hasn't expired and is for the correct host. If these and a bunch of other checks pass, finally we spin up a headless instance of Google Chrome and try loading your site just like a real user would. If all of this succeeds then we mark your domain as passed. If any of this fails then we wait half an hour and give it one more chance and finally if it fails again we email you so you can investigate the problem.

How does SSL Monitor differ from other services that provide site uptime monitoring?

Although we will email you if your site is unreachable for more than an hour, we focus on checking your SSL configuration is correct and won't cause any security warnings for a real user visiting your site in their browser. You could also use our service in conjunction with other sites that provide uptime monitoring.

How regularly will you check my domain?

We check your domain every half hour, but just in case the problem is some temporary network condition we will wait for two checks to fail before we actually email you. Our aim is not to bother you with false positives, and only email you when there is a serious problem.